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Our Committee

Roche Pre-school Playgroup is run by an independent Management Committee of volunteer parents, who operate under the Pre-school Learning Alliance Constitution 2010. Committee list and copy of this Constitution is on our Noticeboard.

Our Annual General Meeting is held in October, and all parents and carers of children currently enrolled at the Playgroup are invited to attend this meeting.  Any parents are welcome to stand for election as Committee Officers (ie Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary), and are formally elected at the meeting.  Any parents who wish to join the Committee as ordinary members are welcome to do so, either at this meeting or at any time during the year.  Committee members require a DBS check, through Ofsted.

The Committee run the Playgroup, manage its finances, act as employers to the staff, and arrange fundraising events, and trips and parties for the children.  They also act as "Trustees" for the Playgroup with the Charity Commission.  For more information on the requirements and obligations of the Committee, see the PLA Constitution.

The Management Committee for academic year 2023/2024 is:

Chairperson -
Mrs Imogen Tomlinson


Vice Chairperson - Mr Andrew Potts

Nominated Person- Mrs Emma Rescorl

Treasurer - Mrs Linda Knowles

Secretary - Mr Will Jeffs

Committee -

                        Ms Jessica Hopkins 

                        Mrs Barbara Bicknell

                        Mrs Katie-Jo Yelland 



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